A hybrid airplane, combining the proven flight concepts of helicopters, aircraft and balloons. An innovation in the field of modern flight enabling endless applications for safe and efficient missions.






    h-aeroTM is able to carry out various unique missions – enabling the exploration of terrains which might otherwise not be accessible or only be accessible incurring high safety risks.





    h-aeroTM will serve diverse new markets, which emerge between fast airplanes with low payloads and slow cargo ships with heavy payloads. Ideal for exploring and charting missions of every scale, also UAV.





    A scaled-up version of our hybrid airplane could even be carried up to outer space to enable exploration missions over Mars and other planets.




    h-aeroTM will give applications in telecommunication a great leap forward enabling transponders and broadcasting to regions without connection to regular service-providers  as well as to overcrowded areas.





    In effect we can deliver the airborne infrastructure to build entire mobile communication platforms and networks at ideal heights. Unlike existing solutions our innovation can enable and support 24/7 operations.




    h-aeroTM will facilitate missions focusing on observation and surveillance applied to buildings, pipelines, or pre-defined open fields sectors of any kind. Critical data can be easily collected to protect humans and valuables, create precise maps or protect the climate with sustainable meteorological measurements.

  • Observation


    in Control

    Our hybrid airplane is able to support the missions of special forces, the police, home-country protection, helping control demonstrations, sport and music events, support rescue missions and improve traffic control.



h-aeroTM one is a spectacular airborne advertising medium never seen before. An absolute eye-catcher to position your brand and transport your messages via LED’s, projections and skyscreen. At the same time flying cameras and detectors support fire prevention, enhance security and help prevent emergencies at mass events.




For 2018 we plan we plan to enable manned flight. h-aeroTM will be scaled up to a minimum span of 15 meters and come with apliable modular system. 2020 will see us enabling manned flight and completely environmental-friendly airborne tourism over eco-sensitive areas such as the Amazonas River area in Brazil and watching wildlife from above in Africa.

Company: About us

To become the most innovative, sustainable aerial carrier vehicle for applications in reconnaissance, exploration and communication within the commercial market segment.

Benefits overview

  • Platform for telecommunication
  • Manned flight and soft tourism
  • Safe flying for everybody
  • Flying with renewable energies
  • Missions of planetary exploration (Mars)

Concepts for mars exploration

Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH, a spin-off of Stuttgart University, has developed a prototype of the patent-protected Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) h-aeroTM one. At the current stage of development, it is fulfilling hitherto unsolved challenges in the market for Unmanned Aerial Systems and comes with zero emission. Further development will cover application-specific client requirements within the main target markets reconnaissance, communication and observation.

In June 2012 the jury of the NASA-congress “concepts and approaches for mars exploration” praised the concept as an alternative way of exploring mars from a bird’s eye perspective. Dr. Singer was invited to Houston to present his concept. Possibilities of joining mars missions in 2018 are being explored.


Dr. C. Singer with Buzz Aldrin
Houston, June 2012

Company: Founders

“See things in the present, even if they are in the future.“

The first prototype of h-aeroTM was tested successfully in 2016 and presented in June at ILA 2016 (Berlin Airshow). Our unmanned aerial vehicle is based on our innovative, proprietary technology and is made in Germany. The patent-protected concept of h-aeroTM incorporates unparalleled synergies: every component which is necessary for a rotation-symmetric vertical take-off and landing is also used for a mirror-symmetric cruise. During take-off, cruise-flight and landing the required lift will be generated in a hybrid way using dynamic lift as well as static buoyancy.

  • Csaba Singer

    Csaba Singer Dr. -Ing., M.Sc. (wd)
    is a co-founder of and studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart/Germany and the University of Exeter/UK until 2005. He started his doctoral work at the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in 2007 and since 2001 participated in diverse R&D activities concerning high altitude platforms and innovative flight concepts.


    Klaus Schultze

    Klaus Schultze
    is a co-founder of h-aeroTM. As a veteran of flying he is an invaluable asset for the development of our venture. After a career as a jet pilot and squadron commander in the German Air Force he founded and ran his own business charter airline. He is CAO and responsible for compliance and safety management. Klaus is an EASA-OPS certified auditor. Furthermore he has successfully developed diverse entrepreneurial activities in the building materials industry and has held senior positions in globally acting companies. In his active flight career, Klaus has been a PPL and CPL license holder and speaks fluent German and English.

  • Christian Schultze

    Christian Schultze
    is a co-founder of h-aeroTM. As a veteran of marketing and sales he is responsible for developing marketing, sales and communication strategies and overseeing their implementation. He has studied macroeconomics in Kiel, Germany, has held various positions in marketing and sales and has also been an active shareholder in a family-owned business charter airline. Christian holds a degree in advertising and communication from the Bavarian Academy for Marketing and Advertising (BAW) and speaks fluent German and English.

Company: Partners

In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself.

Leading academic institutions and research partners are already on board. Together with our industrial partners and customers we develop and produce tailor made solutions based on h-aeroTM. Even NASA considered our project capable of supporting future planetary exploration missions.


A new concept of flying…

Our hybrid airplane h-aeroTM with its patent-protected features combines the proven flight concepts of helicopters, aircrafts and balloons. It is a promising innovation within the history of modern flying enabling endless applications to promote safe and efficient missions related to exploring, observing and communicating on our planet and beyond.



Speed / good range



Vertical take-off / high precision



Wide range / short take-offs

  • A hybrid you can count on

    We are able to show that low-speed flying autonomous observation drones for civil needs can fulfill their dedicated missions far better compared to traditional commercial observation systems. We are proud to say that we can prove that the long-run challenge of our invention can be successfully mastered: to create an aircraft which allows a vertical take-off and landing and which is at the same time capable of symmetrical cruise-flight while it can carry more payload over a much longer duration of flight than traditional UAS, due to buoyant gas. Unrivalled length of flight (up to five hours, with solar cells 24/7) meets sustainability.

  • As a consequence we will be able to serve a new market which will emerge between fast airplanes with low payloads (Airbus Beluga) and slow ships with heavy payloads (Emma Maersk).
    The benefits achieved by our innovative hybrid UAV are the following: Vertical take-off and landing plus wide cruise flight range. Our hybrid airplane is able to carry out a vertical take-off in the same way as a helicopter. However, through manipulation of the configuration, it uses all existing systems for the aligned cruise flight.

  • A look into the future…

    Planned milestones:

    • 12/16 | first autonomous missions
    • 06/17 | long-endurance missions (perspective: 24/7)
    • 06/17 | constant up-scaling 10kg 25kg 75kg 150kg
    • 2018 | optimized and certified airplanes for specific application profiles

    Our visions:

    • 2020 | manned flight and soft flight tourism
    • 2020 | safe flight for everybody
Technology: Prototype

Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler

h-aeroTM is the result of 20 years of top-level research at Stuttgart University and the German Aerospace Centre and the key to overcoming the hitherto unsolved inconveniences of traditional Unmanned Aerial Systems which are due to their intrinsic concepts and constructions. h-aeroTM was initially developed for applications in the main target markets reconnaissance, communication and observation although it can also deliver superior results in all traditional areas of UAS missions.

Inflight-Demonstration prototype h-aeroTM one

The first prototype is an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) with a payload of 3kg and a flight duration of 5 hours. The energy supply can be assured via solar cells, bringing duration of flight to 10 hours. The first prototype aspires to flights at world record level.

solar powered

Solar powered

h-aeroTM is powered only by solar cells, charging constantly two electric motors for missions of up to nine hours.

low cost

Low cost

Due to its “less parts build“, h-aeroTM minimizes the overhaul costs substantially.



h-aeroTM is easy to assemble. Additional modules for specific missions are appliable in a matter of minutes.

zero emissions

Zero emissions

As h-aeroTM solely relies on solar power, it is in perfect harmony with the environment.


h-aeroTM will show, that low-speed flying autonomous observation UAVs for civil needs can fulfill their dedicated missions far more efficient and sustainable compared to traditional airborne systems. Creating an aircraft, which allows VTOL flexibility and symmetrical cruise-flight with more heavy payloads far longer in the air.

Press & awards: References and Literature

“Bold moves always resonate”

The press coverage h-aeroTM ‘s first flight-ready prototype generated amongst tech-journalists is tremendous.

All key-facts, scientific papers and videos released on the principles and technical features behind our UAV are presented here for Your consideration.

  • BBC News about h-aero at CeBIT 2017
    View video

    ARD, Internationale Drohnenmesse in Nürnberg
    View video

    FAZ, “Die andere Art zu fliegen”, 08.11.2016
    Read publication

    Handelsblatt, Drohnen auf der ILA.
    Read publication


  • BILD, Diese Drohnen werden die Welt verändern
    Read publication

    SolarServer, Revolutionäres Hybrid-Flugzeug H-AEROTM ONE wird erstmalig auf der ILA 2016 vorgestellt
    Read publication

    ComputerBild: Die spannensten Drohnen der ILA
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    Deutschlandfunk, Universalflieger H-AEROTM
    Listen now

  • Ch. Schultze, CS. Singer: „Prototyping of a long endurance UAV applying a solar LTA concept “, Proceedings of the 12th international Aerospace Supply Fair, AIRTEC 2106, Munich, October 25 – 27, 2016
    Download publication

    H-AEROTM ONE – 2016 – Early Stage Prototype
    View video

  • Haude, R.: Fliegen mit Solar-Luftschiffen. Solarenergie Förderverein Deutschland e.V., Aachen, 28.05.2015.
    Read publication

    Singer, CS.: Ultralight Solar Powered Hybrid Research Drone. The Smithsonian / NASA Astrophysics Data System, June, 2012.
    Read publication

    Singer, CS.: A Novel Non-Polluting VTOL Hybrid Airplane, DocumentID: 71184, 7th International Airship Convention, 9. – 11. Oct., Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2008.
    Read publication

  • Schmidt, E.: Neues Exist-Gründerstipendium: Fliegen mit Erneuerbaren Energien (FEE), Stuttgart 07.11.2015.
    Read publication

    von Wolfersdorf, J.: News Letter Universität Stuttgart, SS2008
    Read publication

    Singer, CS.: VTOL Hybrid Aircraft. DE102006028885A1, DPMA, München, 22.03.2007
    Read publication

Press & awards: Awards

In the end it’s about the benefits of what we do

h-aeroTM and its revolutionary concept enabling a new dimension of human flight has received numerous awards.

Praise has also come from the academic and scientific community worldwide. Feel free to browse our references.

    EXIST Gründerprogramm
    The foundation project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi).

    Welt der Wunder Innovationspreis
    Welt der Wunder Innovationspreis
    What kind of vehicles can solve tomorrow’s transportation needs? More than a thousand applications were competing.
    Read more

    Concepts for mars exploration
    NASA sponsored a three-day workshop to actively engage the technical and scientific communities in the early stages of a longer-term process of collaboration that bridges the objectives of the sponsoring NASA organizations. Ten graduate students who are authors of short scientific papers were selected from more than a thousand applicants.

Do You remember being bold?

The exploitation and commercialization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is a fast growing sector of the global economy presenting endless opportunities. Financial market participants have already recognized the huge potential of this new sector of the aeronautic industry.

The market potential is based on the manifold applications and superior benefits created by h-aeroTM enabling missions in industries as diverse as agriculture, movies, geo mapping, rescue, reconnaissance and transport.

By partnering with h-aeroTM you are associating yourself with a product which based on its patented flight techniques is optimizing the three most important features of flying, i.e. speed and good range, vertical take-off and landing, duration of flight and above all prime security features hitherto unreached by other UAV’s.





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